How to Write Bill of Sale for Boat

A bill of sale is a document which is used to get the written record of sale or transfer of any boat from the seller to buyer which is known as the proof of purchase for buyer’s ownership. During any transfer it is important to write a good bill with all of the necessary information mentioned in it like: name of the seller who is going to sell boat, name of the buyer who is going to buy boat, name or number of boat which going to be sold, included warranties or anything similar if applicable. This bill is provided to the agency of your state’s boating license for completing registration procedure of your boat along with the registration number and insurance by the agency.

Start with a Template

To make a bill of sale by own is quite difficult and time consuming instead of writing one by own you can also go for the bill of sale templates available online. You can easily download any template for boat bill of sale from any website just check that website is following all of the rules and legal terms required by your state for preceding further. After downloading the particular template now you have to mention the current date, name of buyer, complete permanent address of buyer and the license information of driver in the heading stated as “Buyer”. Next, you will see the heading as “Seller” under which you have to mention all of the necessary details related to seller like his name, complete address and license number of driver. If you wanted to write bill of sale by own then you should mention the below information into it.

Identify the Boat

In this section you have to identify all information of boat like its type, exact size and shape of boat with the year of manufacture, make model, serial number or any unique identification of it, these all details should be mentioned under the heading of “Description”. You should also provide the description of other additional features which are included within this sale of boat.

Provide the information related to registration

In this section, you have to give the complete registration number of boat, under the heading “Registration Information” in your bill of sale give all important updates. You will get the registration number of your boat from the hull of boat where it is printed. You should take care that numbers are written accurately without any single error otherwise it can create problems during the registration procedure of your boat.

Mention the amount of money

You will see a separate heading of “Price” under which you have to clearly mention the sale price. This price should contain all of the combined cost of vessel. In some templates this section can also be divided into different components if any extra equipment like trailer or any other is also included in the sell.

Sign and Notarize

On the bill of sale there is a separate space for both buyer and seller to mark their signature in it with the signing date. Also get some free space on your bill of sale for the notary stamp of your state if required.

Here we are going to provide you some Boat bill of sale templates of different kinds which will be helpful for you:

Florida Bill of Sale for Boat

Florida Bill of Sale for Boat

Alberta Bill of Sale for Boat

Texas Bill of Sale for Boat

Printable Bill of Sale for Boat

Printable Bill of Sale for Boat

Printable Bill of Sale for Boat

You can use any of the bill of sale for boat which is compatible and fulfill all legal terms and conditions of your state. We have also provided some template to you which can also be used as a reference while you write a bill of sale by owner.

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