How to Write DMV Bill of Sale

There are many states which are currently not providing any bill of sale form but it is important as it works as a proof in any kind of legal problem if you feels that you require the bill of sale and in search of it but ended up with the result that your state is not providing one then do not worry. You need not to get upset because you can also write the same by your own and this will have the same value as the state bill of sale has. If you are going to buy any vehicle like car, motorbike, boat etc then in such conditions you can write a DMV bill of sale which is properly made for the vehicles.

In a DMV bill of sale you have to mention all of the key information related to your purchased or sold vehicle where both buyer and seller has to give their own details, signature with place and date. Here, in this article today we are going to tell how to write a proper DMV bill of sale for any vehicle. As we already known that bill of sale is particularly a document which verifies that you have sold or purchased any particular vehicle with the basic information related to the vehicle and all terms of sale. Although every state do not require these bill of sale but in some states it is very important as it discloses everything between buyer and seller without leaving any space for misunderstanding among both of them.

If you are eager to sold your vehicle and come to the conclusion that your state is not offering any bill of sale then just go and write one by your own for yourself by using the following information and mentioning all necessary terms and conditions into it.


Find the bill of sale for your state

First you should visit to the official website of your states motor vehicle department and then get the bill of sale from there and if it is not there then write one for yourself.


How to write a DMV Bill of Sale for the vehicle

If you fails in getting your state’s downloadable bill of sale due to any issue then go for the following information which will help you in writing one for yourself. Also there are lots of free templates available online which can also be used directly.

A DMV bill of sale must have the following key information :


1 . The date on which sale has been done.

2 . The complete description of your vehicle which must include

* Year, model and make of the vehicle.

* Current mileage of the vehicle.

* The identification number of the vehicle.

* The license plate number of the vehicle.


  1. The price of selling for vehicle: If you are going to gift car or it is a partial gift in such condition also it is required to have a bill of sale in which you should indicate that your car is a gift or partial gift with the details of a person who it is going to be gifted. Also, state the [rice which has been reduced during the money exchange.
  2. Information of Warranty: In most of the cases there is no warranty for the resale of the vehicle but if there is any other terms and conditions between you and buyer then you should mention them in this bill of sale.
  3. Complete name, address, the signature of both seller and buyer: Now, in the DMV bill of sale there should be special column for signature before that there must be a line saying that I agree to above terms and conditions or information is accurate. In competing it should look like this “ I hereby declare that under penalty of perjury the statements mentioned in this are completely true and accurate to the best of my knowledge of belief”.


After completing this document both buyer and seller should have one copy of it with all filled blanks and information. Now, below we are going to provide some DMV bill of sale templates which can be used by you and it will also save your time.

DMV bill of sale for Boat

DMV bill of sale for Car


DMV bill of sale for the vehicle


DMV bill of sale form

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