General Bill of Sale Formats

Hello! Everyone and welcome to my post every day is new day so taken into consideration that we will discuss now for today a brand new topic that plays an important role in everyone’s life who is purchasing anything and then have any problem and the person is facing any problem and for that the particular thing is in warranty or guaranty and then you must need to have the bill yes today in this we will provide you with the General Bill of Sale with good quality. It will work as the legal documents in the law of eye if one out of the two is having any problem out of that.

General Bill of Sale

General Bill of Sale Template FOR CAR

it is a legal documents which is used to transfer the ownership of anything like any material, a property or any assets from one buyer to the seller or to the new person to the individual who is transferring. In simple words you can also say that it is just a piece of paper which worth money or specified amount. The general bill is basically made from the seller for the buyers who will keep it for protection against any type of fraud upon the purchase of any assets or any of the property. It mainly used for private sale especially any of the valuable goods it is binding document for this deals.

Importance of General Bill of Sale

The main motive of general bill Sale from is to keep the private sale transactions record so that it can be recorded that both the transaction was conducted in a positive and fair manner that is favorable for the seller and the buyer.

  • The bills signed between the buyer and the seller will ensure that both are having a legal agreement regarding the warranty and guarantee and all the terms before making any transaction.
  • This bill will also acts as legal proof for the ownership of the product no other can claim on your property or any assets if you have the bill.
  • It also indorses from the illegal sale for the stolen or illegally seized assets and property.
  • If there is any dispute then it will acts an evidence in the law court.


The bellows mentioned fields/section will be there in general bill of sale:-

  • The buyers and the seller legal full names.
  • Information regarding the address and phone number of both of the buyer and seller.
  • A detailed and the complete information of the assets that ownership is being is transferred.
  • The money worth of the property or assets.
  • The legal warranty and the guarantee properly mentioned.
  • Signature of the buyer and seller
  • Date of the transaction
  • Signature of the legal agent authorized sign wherever required necessary.

It is widely used for the purpose of sale of the expensive goods like mobile phones, laptops bikes, and jewelry etc. it is not for the sale of second hand goods or any old furniture. It will protect the right of both the buyer and the seller.

General Bill of Sale for Car

General Bill of Sale Template

General Bill of Sale Template

General Bill of Sale Template

Now you can easily get these templates from here and save it and can use it.



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